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Churrasco Bar


Food stations are another big trend in party planning, and one that brings a lot of culinary excitement to an event. Brazuca Catering introduces the "Churrasco Bar", with the same items as the Buffet, but meats are cooked and served by the staff on a charcoal grill. Trust us, your guests are going to love this! In addition to a fabulous presentation you get more options in terms of selection, doneness, quantity and information as the staff can chop, grill and also explain what is been served.

See bellow some of our packages options or Contact us for a quote.


  • ​Churrasco Bar  Standard - $52 p/person. Details

  • Churrasco Bar  Deluxe - $65 p/person. Details


  • Packages includes staff (chefs and waiters). 

  • Minimum order: 30 people. 

  • Platters can also be added on self-service station.

  •  Items in this packages are only suggestions and can be replaced for other of similar price. 

  • Weekends and public holidays surcharge apply. 

  • Sydney area price, travel time is applied for other areas.

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