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We understand how important is this occasion for a couple and have a well trained and experienced staff to serve your guests in a timely and professional manner. Foodwise we bring to you specially selected dishes that will amaze everyone.  

See bellow some of our packages options. Contact us for a quote.


  • Parrilla  and Canapes Standard -  Details

  • Parrilla  and Canapes Deluxe -  Details

  • Sit-down Basic - $68 p/person. Details

  • Sit-down Standard -  Details

  • Sit-down w/Canapes - Details


  • Packages includes staff (chefs and waiters). 

  • Minimum order: 30 people. 

  • Items in this packages are only suggestions and can be replaced for other of similar price. 

  • Weekends and public holidays surcharge apply. 

  • Sydney area price, travel time is applied for other areas.

Image by Analise Benevides
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