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Street Food for

Market Stall

There are a variety of food from our range that can be served in market stalls or stands for charity purpose. Here some of those:


Coxinha de frango (box of 5):  potato and flour dough filled with shredded chicken. $10.00

Bolinho de bacalhau (box of 5): a popular Brazilian style codfish fritters. $10.00

Camarão empanado com queijo (box of 6): breaded prawns with cheese. $14.00

Isca de peixe (box of 6): crumbed fish whiting strips.  $10.00

Mandioca frita (box of 6): cassava chips. $7.00

Pastel frito (median size): crust pie filled with assorted fillings (chicken, beef, prawn or cheese). $7.00


Large Espetinhos (bamboo skewers of beef, lamb, or pork) $8.00

Large Espetinhos (bamboo skewers of chicken, vegies, or pineapple) $6.00

Salschipão: Brazilian sausage with lettuce and tomato on a bread roll. $8.00

Bauru de picanha: rump cap with mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and cheese on a bread roll. $8.00

Cordeiro ao pão: lamb shoulder (or ramp cap) with coleslaw salad on a bun. $8.00

Galeto ao pão: chicken thighs meat with coleslaw salad on a bun. $8.00

Meal size
  Fork food   Meal size
  (aprox 400g)

Costela & Salad: chopped charcoal grilled beef ribs with potato salad and farofa. $12.00

Picanha & Salad: sliced beef rump cap charcoal grilled with potato salad and farofa. $12.00

Cordeiro & Salad: chopped charcoal grilled lamb shoulder with green salad and farofa. $12.00

Galeto & Salad: chopped charcoal grilled chicken thighs with coleslaw salad and farofa. $10.00


Feijoada: black beans stew accompanied with rice, farofa and orange. $10.00 

Moqueca: fish stew accompanied with rice and fried cassava. $12.00

Camarão na Moranga: mash pumpkin topped with prawns stew. $15.00

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